Suspicious fire in small New Madrid County town

By Crystal Britt
CANALOU, MO (KFVS) - Third suspicious blaze in the last month and a half.
Police Chief Blake Cindle tells Heartland News the fire broke out around 2:30a.m. Sunday morning in the small New Madrid County town.
At happened on Main Street at a historic building that was once a theater and a post office before it closed over the summer.
No one was injured in the fire.
Investigators are not calling this arson yet, but do consider it suspicious.
The fire marshall's been called in to help work the case.
Heartland News covered a story in Canalou at that very building this past August.
The building at that point served as an apartment upstairs, and post office below.
A 75 year old man who lived upstairs died, and was there a week before anyone found him.
For health reasons, the post office closed and had to be relocated.