YourTurn - 3/30/09

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Buddy Baker from Puxico, Missouri:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on Psychics) I am in total agreement with Smythe, buy low and sell high."

Paula Switzer from Carterville, Illinois:
"Can someone please tell me where all the lottery money is going?  Why can't this help with some of the debt instead of raising taxes on everything?  This is really bad for the poor people who didn't have enough money before... (now) we just don't have a chance!"

Retired Navy Veteran, Norman Condict from Bernie, Missouri:
"Veterans, our President is talking about requiring vets to use private insurance to pay for service related injuries.  This is insulting to our vets who have to fight for proper health care.  Some (return) from war and don't have a job.  The American people need to write President Obama and their Congress (representative) about this subject."

Heartland Viewer Seth Oldham:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on motorcycle helmets) if they are that protective then maybe he should wear one while driving his car.  It should save his BIG head."

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