Marion Police to crack down on speeders in school zone

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Marion city leaders decided to crack down on speeding drivers in school zones during Monday night's city council meeting. 
The Marion Police Department will tap into a state funded grant to buy two speed monitoring devices.  
"These machines will not be used to issue tickets to drivers for speeding.  But, instead they store the traffic information in the school zones.  And then we'll download that information and decide if we need to send in officers to slow drivers down," said Marion Chief of Police Gene Goolsby.  
Some parents waiting to pick up their kids at Washington Elementary School approved of installing the speed monitors.  
"I think it's a good idea," said David Thompson of Marion.  "I sit out here every night for about a half hour waiting to pick up my daughter and there's a lot of people speeding through here." 
The school's crossing guard, Shirley Salone says she's come close to losing a child in the crosswalk because of a speeding driver.  
"They do speed a lot through here," Salone said.  "I've been working the crosswalk for the past two years now. And last year I had an incident where a lady going so fast just drove right through my stop sign and nicked a child and kept going."
Washington Elementary is just one of the schools that will soon be monitored.  
"We hope to have them in place and operating before the end of the school year," said Goolsby.  "And when school is not in session we plan to use them elsewhere around town to hopefully slow drivers down."