Teach Your Baby to Read: Does it Work?

By: Lauren Keith
With so much pressure on children these days to excel to the top of the class, now there's a new system designed to teach your BABY to read!  Dr. Titzer's Your Baby Can Read system has some pretty convincing online testimonals showing home video of 14-month old infants reading! Wow! Still, for $200 this system better work, and that's exactly why moms Mackenzie Cartwright and Jessica Simmons agreed to "try it before you buy it."
"Once I saw the commercial, I was amazed and I really wanted to see their approach in teaching the written word at the same time they're teaching the spoken word," says Simmons.
These moms would know.  Mackenzie  teaches third grade at Scott City Elementary and Jessica  specializes in reading for kindergarten through second graders.  So, if these two can't get this system to work, we'll know it's a dud.  Let's get to it.
"Cat!" say the moms pointing to pictures in the system's books.
Not only do our "testers" have teachers for moms, but their birthdays are just one day apart.  One-year0olds Luke and Jaelyn also though share a "lack of interest" in the videos in this system.
Jaelyn's ready to go night-night, and Luke wants to flip the channel. 
"The video really doesn't keep his attention. The books do," says Jessica.
That's true.  Both Luke and Jaelyn listen closely as their moms read aloud.  The kit instructs adults to be as interactive as possible, even acting out some of the words on the page.
"Clap, clap!" says Mackenzie to her daughter, Jaelyn.
The "Teach your Baby to Read" kit includes the 5-DVD set with sliding word cards to match.  It also has five pop-up books and other word games.  During the first month of viewing, program instructor Dr. Titzer says infants should watch the videos twice a day while using the word cards.  The books should be read as much as possible, too.
The doc' says just like many babies learn sign language, they also have the capability to read, if there's repetition and a steady commitment to his program.
"I would be very interested in seeing after they learn the initial 50 words, if they're able to transfer that info to learning new words.  I'm definitely interested in that," says Jessica.

Still, is this any different than simlpy reading aloud to your kids and using flash cards?

"No, and I really think if you read 20 minutes a day and do picture books, they'll get the same result," says the reading teacher herself, Jessica.
"My daughter's exposed to many books that she likes other than these at this point.  She likes the sliding cards.  It'll take a little bit of time to get used to it.  She's interested but not totally impressed like with other books she has," points out Mackenzie.

However, just as we all grow even more skeptical...we see some positive results already!

We see Jaelyn point to eyes in the picture and say out loud, "Eyes," after hearing her mom read it to her beforehand.
"Eyes! Good job!" claps proud mom, Mackenzie.
So, maybe there is something to this $200 system after all?  Mackenzie and Jessica agree to use it twice a day....everyday.  It's a huge commitment for these working moms, but one they hope will send their babies to the top of the class.

After the recommended eight months is up, I'll check back to see if these babies are reading just like the ones in the online testimonials

"I think it's worth a try, and anything is better than nothing," says Mackenzie.

If you're intersted in learning more about this program, head to yourbabycan.com.