Entrepreneurs start business in recession

By Arnold Wyrick
CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - Believe it or not but some entrepreneurs are actually starting their own business in these economic times. 
Two of those business minded people are the owners of Picture Perfect in Carterville, Illinois.
"The hardest part was taking that first step," said Bryan Riekena. 
Riekena and his partner Daniel Bishop are television installation specialists.  
"We can come in and hang your flat panel TV's on the wall," Rikena said.  "If you want surround sound we can put that in too.  And you won't see any wires depending on how the room is constructed."
The two men decided to step into Southern Illinois University's 'Operation Bootstrap' to get some advice on running a business.  
"Operation Bootstrap was a tremendous help," said Rikena.  "I'm really glad I took part in the program.  I didn't take any business courses at SIU.  I studied chemistry.  There was a lot of little stuff I was doing the right way, but the program just showed me a better more efficient way of keeping track of the books."
As a top graduate of the program, Rikena was awarded a $3,500 grant toward the business.  
"Ideally we're going to take it to a bank and turn it into operating capital," he said. "We still need to finish our showroom here in the offices."  
Rikena and Bishop both feel there is unlimited growth potential with their company even in these tough times.  
"Everyone has a television," Rikena said.  "And with this digital transition coming and high-definition becoming a readily available people are looking to upgrade their televisions.  And surround sound is becoming more important too."