YourTurn - 3/23/09

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Tom Carr from Marion, Illinois:
"The helmet law in Missouri has joined the morons in Illinois.  I worked with EMTs for years in the racing industry.  In Illinois, the code name by Emergency Medical Techs for a biker is ‘organ donor.'  This ‘infringement on my freedom' whine makes me sick...Missouri you've taken a giant step in the wrong direction..."

Andy Woods from Grassy, Missouri:
"Mike Smythe YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT (regarding motorcycle helmets). 3/15/09-Missouri Helmet Law  You should concern yourself with more pressing issues...look around the studio at how many people are overweight  How many smokers, alcoholics, etc. etc. etc.  Maybe you should look in your own backyard before you call someone else stupid."

Tim Adkisson from Sikeston, Missouri:
"Calling someone stupid is a bit strong...helmets are not required for horseback riding.  Does that make those who ride horses stupid?  It is easy for someone who does not ride to want to enforce their views on others.  Give me my choice; call me stupid if you have to Mike Smythe.  I see it as a difference of opinion and now you have mine."

Robert McMahon from Kennett, Missouri:
"I agree with Mike Smythe and will ride with my helmet.  I have grandkids and want to see them in the future."

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