No More Bridezillas! This morning on The Breakfast Show

Good morning - it's Monday, March 23.

The Breakfast Show is ready to go on the air and we're glad you're joining us! Read about Lauren's brides on a budget story at the end of this e-mail.

A lot happened over the weekend and overnight. There was a large brush fire in Cape Girardeau County last night near county roads 350 and 354. The Millersville fire chief tells us around 150 acres burned. And with no rain overnight or this morning the brush is still fairly dry - so be careful. Brian will be updating us all on the
workweek forecast soon.

Also happening today: the murder trial for Lance Shockley is scheduled to get underway this morning in Howell County. Shockley is accused of murdering Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Dewayne Graham. We're coving this trial throughout the week and will be brining you reports from the courthouse.

And there is some new video you have to see to believe from Japan. A huge FedEx jet
crashes on the runway - actually bouncing down the runway before flipping over in a ball of fire - and it's all caught on camera. We'll be showing you this dramatic video throughout the morning.

This was not the only plane crash over the weekend - fourteen people were killed in Butte, Montana when the plane they were in crashed near the airport.

Alaska's back in the news this morning - and it has nothing to do with the governor. The
Mount Redoubt volcano has begun erupting. This volcano is about 100 miles southeast of Anchorage.

On this morning's Breakfast Show we're also talking about weddings. Lauren has a couple of reports for on how to get married on a budget. It may sound impossible for those of us who've done it - but Lauren's always out looking for the deals and has some of them for you this morning - you can see her two part report around 6:15 and 6:45 this morning.

So brew up a big pot of hot coffee - and join
Lauren, Jim and Brian for The Breakfast Show. And if you want to send them a comment - you can. Just e-mail them at

Have a great Monday!

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
KFVS - Heartland News