Soldiers return home from Iraq

By Crystal Britt

CAPE GIRARDEAU, IL (KFVS) - Members of 955th Engineer Company come home after spending one year in Iraq.

It was an emotional reunion Saturday in Cape Girardeau as about 40 members of the 955th were greeted in by family and friends eager to see their loved ones.  

"It felt great seeing everybody, and everything they're doing," said Specialist Leonard Taylor. "The firemen with the ladders everything".
A police escort lead the members of the 955th straight to screaming happy loved ones. As soon as they step off the bus, they were greeted with hugs...some that seemed endless. 
"I can't explain it. It's great to be home," said Staff Sergeant Steve Gannon. 
"A bunch of emotions hit me all at once", said Specialist Bobby Sandusky. "You can't explain seeing everybody support you doing the right thing."
This is the moment they've been waiting for. "Since Day one...since the beginning", said PFC Brian Robinson.
The smiles on children were priceless as they waved in their little hands tiny American flags.
"It's been a tough year, a long year," said Carmen Robinson-Brian Robinson's Mother.
"There's relief and thankfulness to God for bringing him home safely," said Faye Sandusky-Bobby Sandusky's Grandmother. "God brought him home safely the first time. This is his last time away."
As for another tour, Faye Sandusky's grandson Bobby says, not anytime soon.
"I made a promise to my son and I plan to keep my promise," said Sandusky. 
For other soldiers, like Dwight Adam it's a fourth tour completed.
"It was an eternity til I got here", said Specialist Dwight Adams.
So, would he go back? "Yes, it's an honor for my country," said Adams.
It's the end of a chapter in their military careers, and the beginning of another chapter of laughter and new memories with family and friends.
As for what they'll do next? "Nothing, absolutely nothing. Just be with my family and my kids, that's it", said Bobby Sandusky. "Time for me to relax awhile."
"Looking forward to a vacation," said Staff Sgt. Gannon.