Sheriff says jailhouse plot backfired after it was recorded

By CJ Cassidy
POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Every so often we bring you a story that makes you go...hmmm?
This one revolves around a Poplar Bluff woman, who police say hatched a plan to get out of jail.
The Butler County sheriff says Shannon Dixon may have thought she was being sneaky, but she apparently forgot you don't get a lot of privacy when you're behind bars - especially when it comes to phone calls.
Investigators say a message warning inmates that their phone calls are monitored and recorded did not stop Shannon Dixon from laying out a plan on the phone, to get out of jail virtually free.
Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs says Dixon called her sister, to get some bond money.
"Her and her sister conceived a plan to burglarize the store she worked at," Dobbs said. "The plan was worked out on the jail phone system which was recorded."
Monday morning employees at Minit Mart where Dixon used to work found the safe empty and all the money missing.
"We knew it was an inside job, that someone had keys, because there was no forced entry suspect with the most motivation needing cash was Shannon," Dobbs said.
Dobbs says all they had to do was listen to the recorded phone calls, and they had their suspects.  He says the women agreed to convince Dixon's boyfriend, Dawon Harris to actually commit the crime.
"During that conversation the two sisters even indicated they knew it was recorded, and tried to do it in code, tried to refer to the business as home - but it was obvious what she was talking about," Dobbs said.
Deputies arrested Heather Dixon as she walked into the sheriff's office with a fist full of cash to pay her sister's bond.
Now, all three suspects face burglary charges.
"This is one for the books as far as some of the unbelievable things people do," Sheriff Dobbs said.
Still, the Minit Mart manager who hired Shannon Dixon says she does not find the story funny.
"We've all pitched in and worked for her and I feel really betrayed that she would do something like that to us," Kathy Parks said.
Authorities arrested Shannon Dixon on bad check charges.  At the time she had to pay about four thousand dollars to get out of jail.
Now, on top of that she also has a $25,000 bond for burglary charges.