Watching Your Wallet: How much could you earn if you invested your coffee money?

Financial experts from NerdWallet say saving and investing as little as $20 a week can amount to $170,000 in retirement money.

  Nuclear fallout: $15.5 billion in compensation and counting

Watching Your Wallet: Company offering to help lower student debt under investigation

Mice. Mold. Messes.

Watching Your Wallet: Will Social Security be there when you retire?

You’re in a political ad. (But you don’t know who’s behind it)

Watching Your Wallet: Travel More, Spend Less

Continued Coverage

  Watching Your Wallet: Budget now for holiday spending

Heartland Solved: Serial killer identified

Report: Customers are overpaying on a quarter of all prescriptions

Big Pharma was supposed to self-police fentanyl prescriptions. It failed. Patients died.

You can help uncover political ad targeting on Facebook

Former MO DPS Director talks firing, Greitens resignation

Heartland News I-Team: Pill Mill

Move aside, meth. Missouri is now the capital of a different kind of drug abuse.

I-Team Special Report: Cape Girardeau mail delay

How do you feel when we tell you local postal workers say your mail is being intentionally delayed? And it's not to save money.

Street Crimes Task Force making an impact

It's clear the Street Crimes Task Force made an impact in Cape Girardeau, Sikeston, Charleston, and Poplar Bluff over the past several weeks. This week, I sat back down with some of the leaders behind the effort to find out what worked, what didn't, and what's next.

I-Team Investigation: New chief, new challenges

How do you solve a crime when the victims themselves won't work with police?

I-Team: Mangum speaks

I-Team Investigation: Repeat Offenders

Missouri Highway Patrol confirms no active investigation of Poplar Bluff city manager

I-Team: Belts on Buses

Tonight at 10: I-Team investigation of sex assaults on campus

IL Supreme Court suspends law license of Marion Attorney Josh Bradley

I-Team Update: Sikeston attorney named as Scott Co. public admin

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon appointed a Sikeston, Missouri attorney as the new Scott County public administrator on Thursday, June 4.

I-Team: Cause for alarm

If you are counting on your home smoke alarms to save your family from a fire, you might want to think again. The I-Team put the detector to the test.

I-Team: Ending MO's run as America's 'Pill Mill'

Six million dollars. That's what the Missouri Senate suggests it will cost to track highly addictive narcotics while still keeping your medical information safe.

I-Team: Train operators at risk for fatigue related accidents

A National Transportation Safety Board report found crew member fatigue played a major role in the collision of two trains near Chaffee in 2013.

I-Team: Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary

An investigation at Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary raises questions. Supporters call it an attack, while those who agree with the state's involvement say it's about time.

I-Team: New business in Ste. Genevieve County now operating despite opposition

Some Ste. Genevieve County homeowners continue to fight a change in landscape. They are worried about whether a new business will impact the environment and their properties.

  I-Team Report: Street creep, who's responsible?

Street creep occurs when a concrete street expands and contracts in different temperatures and actually moves.

I-Team Update: What's in the water?

Clean water is something most of us take for granted. However, in one Cape Girardeau County neighborhood it was a constant concern.

I-Team: Homeowners feel their neighborhood is washing away

It's been a problem for decades, and neighbors say it's only getting worse. Homeowners in one Cape Girardeau neighborhood worry more than some every time it rains. The city, at this point, is not willing to get involved due to potential liability issues downstream.

I-Team report sparks federal investigation into gun show deal

A Butler County man has been in the ATF's cross hairs for years, suspected of selling guns illegally. Now, authorities believe he broke federal law at our region's biggest gun show and we've got the exclusive details.

I-team: Street Crimes Task Force

It looks like it could be another long weekend for lawbreakers in southeast Missouri.

I-Team Investigation: 2 Families, 1 Question

A year after two young men died just feet apart from each other, their families came together in a surprising show of unity and determination.

I-Team reports on the Molly Young Death investigation

It is a case that continues to make headlines not only here in the Heartland, but across the nation.  What exactly happened to Molly Young? Did she take her own life, or was she murdered? The I-team digs deeper, and gets reaction from all sides.

ITeam: Concerns over a popular form of permanent birth control

Essure is a form of permanent birth control. Some women love it, while some say it's ruining their lives.