A Better Heartland

12/13 - Mike Wunderlich makes it happen

Thank you, Mike, for the serving the people of the Heartland and everyone who has walked through the doors at KFVS over the past 36 years.

  12/11 - Support Big Brothers Big Sisters

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, our work is about combating that isolation by matching them with amazing Big Brothers and Big Sisters who can show them different things, introduce them to new ideas, open doors to exciting opportunities.

12/6 - Don’t Wait for the Eulogy

The images we've seen while saying good bye to our 41st President, George H.W. Bush, are ones that will burn into the American fabric forever.

12/4/18 - The Importance of a Working Smoke Alarm

According to FEMA, the risk of dying in a house fire is cut in half in homes with working smoke alarms.

11/29/18: listen for the bells at the Red Kettles

One way that giving in a small way makes a big difference this holiday season is to give to the Salvation Army.

11/27/18: A letter to Santa from SEMO Fans

"Dear Santa, all we want for Christmas is a win in Utah against Weber State, to win the FCS Championship, and finally, that all players involved compete without injury."

11/19/18 - Thanksgiving

President Lincoln set aside the last Thursday of November "as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise."

11/8/18 - Veterans Day

"There was a time when the National Anthem played and Americans from all walks of life and all political and religious beliefs would put aside their politics, stood with their hand over their hearts, and honored our freedom and our country..."

10/25/18: absentee voting on the rise

"But I think all of us can agree that many people are more interested in voting because they're fed up and want to make a change, or they are happy to keep the things they see working."

10/23/18: keeping up with the times

In business, as in life, we have to adapt our behavior and way of thinking about the world around us if we are to be successful in it.

10/18/18: passing the U.S. Citizenship test

The test should be easy for all Americans because a majority of the questions are things we learned in school.

  10/16/18: signs of domestic violence

Domestic violence can happen to anyone, literally anyone. It is a crime and it is unacceptable.

10/11/18 - Guest Editorial by Jessica Hill with Safe House for Women

Did you know this year there will be over 500 cases of domestic violence reported in Cape Girardeau County alone?

10/9/18: The Importance of Cyber Security

Cyber security is going to become the profession of choice and necessity in the coming years.

10/4/18: Heartland reaction to KFVS presidential standards

We explained our standard and made sure our viewers know that we respect the office and the person in it, no matter who they are.You had plenty to say on the issue.

10/2/18: No disrespect intended, Mr. President

Understanding that Heartland News Journalists are respectful Americans and keeping an eye on the bigger things in front of us right now makes this a Better Heartland.

9/18/18: Politics & the Emmy Awards

For decades, shows like the Emmy Awards were aired to reward content creators for making a difference in their mediums. But that's not the case any longer.

9/13/18 – How To Help

In our modern times, there is a way to help that is far more effective and you can even start before a storm hits.

9/6/18 - Proposition D in Missouri

There are many races and issues on the ballot for the November 6 election. The best thing any of us can do is research Proposition D, come to our own conclusions and vote according to our beliefs.

8/28/18 - War For The Wheel

"The rivalry between to two school dates back to 1909 when SEMO and SIU used to cross the Mississippi River by boat to play each other..."

8/23/18 - Fred Lynch

"His photos and blogs have documented the triumphs and tragedies that have left their mark on the Heartland..."

  8/21/18 - Texting Teens

"People are actually driving with their phones down on their steering wheels to hide the fact that they're doing it.."

8/14/18 - License To Pill

"Our mission is to shine a light on the root of the problem and start the conversation on ways to stop opioid abuse..."

8/7/18 - Summer Blood Drive

"Imagine being in a terrible accident, and the only thing between you and death is the generosity of a total stranger..."

8/2/18 - Stuff The Bus

"Do you realize many Heartland families spend more on back to school supplies than they do on Christmas gifts?"

7/31/18 - Think Before You Type

"The Heartland is not about being insulting, mean or hateful. It is about disagreeing while showing some respect..."

7/24/18 - Letter to the President

"To the hard working Americans at Mid Continent Steel and Wire, I say you did this right..."

7/17/18 - OK To Disagree

"It's about time we get back to the idea that it's OK to disagree..."

7/12/18 - Pray 4

"...as long as a plate doesn't threaten other religions, isn't vulgar or offensive in nature, it should be allowed."

2/22/14 - Bob Reeves

By now most of you know that Bob Reeves is retiring. His final forecast is planned for this Wednesday on Heartland News at Six. For 42 years Bob's been the face of KFVS12. He was hired in 1970 by the

7/10/18 - Fire Safety

"Instinct tells me that our home would burn faster back when it was built than it would now because of advancements in materials and technology...not so fast."

  7/3/18 - Independence Day

"...whether someone agrees with us or not has no bearing on one fact: we are all Americans."

6/26/18 - Shivelbine's Music

"I passed a place called Shivelbine's Music on Broadway in Cape Girardeau. I listened to my inner band kid and went in..."

6/21/18 - Gift of Sight

"One of the things I've noticed about the Heartland is that we take care of our own..."

6/19/18 - Freedom of the Press

"...it seems harder to find political issues that conservatives and liberals find common ground on. To me one of the most important is the Freedom of the Press."

6/14/18 - More Good News

"I challenge you to watch newscasts in their entirety and see that we do bring you good news..."

6/12/18 - Heartland's Best

"These are our future leaders and we will depend on them to make the Heartland better..."

6/5/18 - Sport or Not a Sport

"...sports in schools are generally where competition and athletic activity intersect..."

5/31/18 - Summer Jobs

"...teenagers are denied that first opportunity to show responsibility, get experience, and prove themselves..."

5/29/18 - Open Conversation

"...the solution is not simple and is unfortunately polarizing because so many people are passionate about their views..."

5/24/18 - Memorial Day

"Memorial Day is the day we honor the brave men and women who gave their lives during military service so that we can be free.."