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  • Does it Work Wednesday

    Swiffer Carpet Flick

    Swiffer Carpet Flick: Does it Work?

    The Swiffer Carpet Flick claims it's much easier to use and easier to store than your vacuum sweeper. So, we put the latest model from the Swiffer brand to the Does it Work Wednesday test.
  • Does it Work Wednesday

    New Resolve Dual Power

    New Resolve Dual Power: Does it Work?

    This week, Lauren tests an original carpet cleaner versus the newer version.  Is newer really better?  Find out.
  • Does it Work Wednesday

    The Grease Bullet

    The Grease Bullet

    This Does it Work Wednesday, I test the Grease Bullet. It claims you'll never have to scrub again after dropping in one of the grease-fighting tablets into your sink.
  • Does it Work Wednesday

    Simon Solution Lip Plumper

    Simon Solution Lip Plumper

    Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Pamela Anderson are known for their luscious lips. Apparently, that's what all the stars crave and Nicole Landgraf of Eugene's Salon says that Hollywood trend has made it to the Heartland.
  • 1-19-2005

    Ready Strip

    Ready Strip

    A painting project can't begin until the preparation work is done. And that often means stripping old varnish or paint.
  • 9-29-2004

    Schick Intuition Razor

    Schick Intuition Razor

    Those of you who have to shave your legs know how time-consuming it can be! So you'll be happy to hear about a new razor that may make your task easier. It's called the Schick Intuition.
  • 9-22-2004

    Glass Wizard

    Glass Wizard

    The $8 Glass Wizard is a triangular shaped pad that comes with different covers. For instance, the "Bug Bonnet" is made to scrape bug carcasses off your windshield.
  • 6-9-2004

    Kool-Aid Ice Cool

    Kool-Aid Ice Cool

    A popular summer time drink may now be even tastier. The makers of Kool-Aid say their new Ice Cool mix offers an extra cooling sensation... one you can actually feel. Kool Aid is a long-time favorite
  • 4-07-2004

    Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash

    Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash

    Drying your car can be a pain, wringing-out a chamois or towel. You may be able to toss the chamois away, if Mr Clean AutoDry Carwash lives up to its claims. "Put the filter in, first," Amy Jacquin
  • 3-24-2004

    Perfect Omelet

    Perfect Omelet

    The $10 Perfect Omelet maker comes with a recipe booklet... And we follow directions for the basic omelet. We start by whipping together four eggs and a dash of milk. "With the perfect omelet open, pour
  • 3-25-2004

    Eggstractor: TAKE 2

    Eggstractor TAKE 2

    Okay... You remember this from last week... "Don't shell-out ten bucks for this thing... Eggstracter earns eggsactly an F."  But...
  • The Roto Sorter

    The Roto Sorter

    The Roto Sorter will save you the time and aggravation of rolling loose change yourself... if it works!
  • Crayola Crayon Maker

    Crayola Crayon Maker

    Kids who love art may be interested in the Crayola Crayon Maker. But will it keep their interest?
  • The Best Nut Cracker

    The Best Nut Cracker

    The $10 tool called The Best Nut Cracker promises to crack the shell, but not the nut... so you'll enjoy a variety of fresh, whole nuts. It claims to be as quick as placing, cracking, and enjoying,
  • updated: 7/23/2003

    Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover

    Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover

    Women and men have unwanted hair we need to trim. But it may not have to be painful, or put you in danger of getting nicks or cuts.
  • Funnel Cake & Corn Dog Kits

    Funnel Cake & Corn Dog Kits

    Do you look forward to fair season for the food... like corn dogs and funnel cakes? Now you can make those things inside your own kitchen.
  • Great Outdoors -- Windex Outdoor Glass & Surface Cleaner

    Great Outdoors -- Windex Outdoor Glass & Surface Cleaner

    Sounds almost too good to be true: a windex-quality cleaning, no elbow grease needed. Maybe it IS too good to be true.
  • Saran Cutting Sheets

    Saran Cutting Sheets

    Disposable cutting sheets only partially live up to their claim of keeping the countertop germ-free.
  • updated: 6/11/2001

    Easy Stretcher

    Easy Stretcher promises to relieve the pressure. Can it really add three pant sizes to your waist band? Or are you 'wasting' time and money?
  • updated: 5/15/2001

    Endless Summer

    It's a tan in a can, or at least a plastic bottle. Will it make you look like a beach stud, or a streaky dud?
  • updated: 4/4/2001

    Supa Sweepa

    What's the big bad brush that claims to squash the dust? Supa Sweepa! Should you make room, or just stick to the broom?
  • updated: 3/15/2001

    Sponge King

    It claims to be a powerful suction block, a sponge that can soak up to 10x its weight in liquid. But should you swap $20s for the Sponge King?
  • updated: 3/2/2001

    The 'Gonzo' Pet Hair Lifter

    We love our pets, but not the hair they leave behind! It clings to our clothes, couches, and carpeting. And it's hard to get off. But one product promises to remove all that clingy hair with just one swipe.
  • The Gator Grip Wrench

    It's a tool that instantly grips to any shape. Or so it claims
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