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Trucker Strike Continues

Trucker Strike Continues
By: CJ Cassidy

The independent trucker strike continues across most of the country.

Truck owner-operators are protesting the high cost of fuel and also demanding pay raises.  But some drivers say there are more issues at stake.

For those of us who aren't in the trucking business, a broker helps independents get jobs, but they also take a commission.

With a gallon of diesel close to four bucks truckers say they can't afford to hit the road the way they used to.

Days before striking truckers in New Jersey slowed to a crawl, Danny Griffin of Bloomfield parked his rig temporarily.

"If I'm not making money off it, I might as well park it," he said.

Griffin says gassing up his big rig costs him hundreds of dollars, and he can barely afford to drive.

"If I get $10,000 this year, I'm lucky," he says of his annual pay.

Griffin blames brokers.  He says they pocket most of the money, leaving independents to pay for fuel out of the money they get.

"All we can do is go to our politicians and ask for help.  They need to set a standard to where brokers can only make a percentage of what that load is.  They need to give the full surcharge to the truck.  That's what needs to be done," he said.

So, why you might ask doesn't Griffin "shift gears" and find a better paying job?

"This is my way of life.  It's what I've done, and have been doing for too many years, to quit now.  Truck driving's the backbone of this country and I love my country," he said.

I called some brokerage firms but none returned my calls.

A spokesperson for Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson's office says she wants to make sure independents get a fair shot.

So far though there is no legislation before Congress to change the way brokers operate.

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