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Piedmont, MO

School Bans Student Cell Phones

School Bans Student Cell Phones
By: CJ Cassidy

PIEDMONT, Mo. - A student cell phone ban goes into effect at Clearwater Public Schools in Piedmont.

The school board voted to ban the phones last week.

Superintendent Blaine Keel says besides being distractions in class, students could also be using their cell phones to bully other students.

And since the district already has computer programs in place to stop online bullying, he says it only makes sense to ban the cells too.

"All cell phones have cameras on them, so it's easy to take that into a locker room or a restroom at school and put someone in a compromising position," he explained.

Keel says that kind of bullying hasn't happened here at Clearwater Public Schools yet.  And he doesn't want to take a chance.

The schools' attorney helped draw up the new ban.  It prevents students from bringing cell phones onto campus property, anyone breaking the rule could get suspended.

"He's dealt with a couple of issues other areas of the state, where there were compromising pictures taken. There's academic cheating going on, where people text answers to other students," Keel said.

He adds students can still use payphones in the hallway in case of an emergency, or to report threats, and parents can get in touch with their children through the office.

The ban's still new, and students I spoke with aren't exactly thrilled about it, or about leaving their phones behind.

"You can sneak it in," Kyle DeClue said. "If I leave it in my vehicle, it's more prone to get stolen than on my own body, so I keep it with me."

"It's awkward.  I use my cell phone all the time.  So it's weird not being able to use it or have it with me," Adriann D'Amico said.

The ban doesn't apply to teachers, so school leaders say they would still have their phones on them in case of an emergency.

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