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Perry County, MO

Help for Storm Victims


Help for Storm Victims
By: CJ Cassidy

Perry County, MO - Emergency management workers were out Monday getting a feel for victim's needs.

They set up shop in Brewer. One of the towns ravaged by deadly weekend storms.Still aid workers didn't see as many victims would have liked to have seen.

Perry County Emergency Management authorities say they helped almost a dozen people, but they hope to reach out to many more in the days ahead."I'm happy with any help we can get," Dale Moll says.

He and wife Christine are Saturday night's storm survivors.

Winds from the twister killed two people in Perry County.

The truck they were in, trying to escape the storm, was slammed up against a propane tank.

Now survivors like the Molls say they're just happy to have made it through alive.

"We found out on the news, and saw the storm was getting close so we packed up went next door to my mother's house," Dale says.

That proved to be a good idea. When the chaos died down, the Molls saw the damage and realized their home didn't make it.

"We were buying it from my grandmother making payments every month," Dale says.

That's why the tornado disaster center proved to be so helpful for the MJolls and others like them. There, Red Cross workers teamed up with health and other emergency management crews to get a firsthand idea of what victims need.

"It's a case by case basis we do whatever we can to assist them individually," Millie Probst with the Red Cross says.

It's a process that may take a while, but the Molls say they'll be patient, and make some other decisions while they're at it.

"We're not going back to a mobile home, we'll buy a house or something," they say.

Storm victims who didn't make it out to Brewer Hall yet, still have the chance of meeting with emergency management officials, through Wednesday.

Red Cross workers can also setup temporary lodging for folks who don't have relatives in the area, at motels in the area, free of charge.

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