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Home From the War

Home From the War
By: Tony Hensley

Sikeston, Missouri - A Heartland soldier knows all too well the dangers faced by men and women fighting the war inIraq. After serving almost a year in the war zone, Staff Sergeant Frank Edward Henry is home in Southeast Missouri.

Staff Sergeant Henry is home for the first time since his deployment in January. He enjoys watching television with his family in Sikeston . Staff Sgt. Henry says, “It hasn't been that hard to readjust. The only thing coming home is some of my family and friends still have to work while I'm here. It's hard for them to take vacation while I'm home."

Henry has spent the last 11 months in Iraq doing maintenance on tanks. He has seen things he says will change his life forever. “It has made we appreciate things in life more. It made me a lot more aware of things going on around me and in the world. It's just opened my eyes to a lot of things." Staff Sgt. Henry said.

And he's not the only one changed by the war and his service. His mother, Alice says she has been changed as well. Alice Henry says, “It's changed my views on war because I didn't believe to in the war until I started talking to him about hit and then I come to except that he is doing what he has to do."

Frank says his trip home comes at a good time because his grandmother, Mama Dear, just had heart surgery and helping her through recovery means a lot to him. But Henry says he also knows what he's doing in Iraq is important too. “The troop moral is pretty high. We believe we are doing the right thing. Seeing what we are doing for these people busts our moral knowing we are making a change for them."

Staff Sergeant Henry's tour of duty is scheduled to end in late January. In the meantime, Alice says, she will keep a stiff upper lip and continue to rely on her faith to get frank home to safely.

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