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Gold parties on the rise in the Heartland

By Mary-Ann Maloney - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Tupperware is so yesterday; today's hottest party is gold.

Gold Parties, as they're called are sweeping the Heartland: women or men bring their old, broken jewelry to the party and walk away with a check.

Hostesses, like Sarah Deluca of Cape Girardeau, invite friends to their home to see what they can get for the pieces of gold they no longer want or wear.

Jessica Dorris is one such friend.  She brought in a small jewelry case of old jewelry she hadn't worn in years.

"It was just sitting around," she said.  "I thought I'd see if I could get a little money for it." 

David Ratledge works for Braswell and Sons, a company that buys gold.

He is invited into homes to first confirm what the ladies want to sell is indeed gold.  Then he tests and weighs it, puts the figures into a computer and cuts a check for the customer on the spot.

In the last year, David has hosted more than 500 parties.  His biggest payout so far was for two gold bangle bracelets. 

He gave the woman $1600 for both.  David doesn't care if the gold is in good condition or not.  It can be broken, twisted and kinked, as long as it's real. 

With gold prices at all time highs as of late, many people think now is the time to get rid of old jewelry and coins. 

Sentimentality is often cast aside according to David.

"I've gotten class rings, wedding bands, even teeth," he said. 

The price people get is for scrap gold as all of what David purchases is sent to a refinery.  

Instead of going to a party to spend money, they actually make money.  Although none of the women I spoke with shopped around to see if they were getting the best price, David encourages them to do so. 

Gold prices fluctuate daily so do your homework before the party and know what your jewelry is worth.

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