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Group holds vigil after church vandalism and gas leak

By Heartland News

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) -- Carbondale church goers gathered Tuesday evening to show solidarity after recent acts of vandalism at a local place of worship.

The group took part in a candlelight vigil hosted by the Carbondale Interfaith Council.  Their goal was to shine a light on last week's vandalism at the First Presbyterian Church.  They also sought to forgive those who committed the crime.
Folks at the vigil say they just want the vandalism and other crimes in the area to stop.

"We wanted to come together to show support for places of worship and really all the places in the community that have had vandalism in the recent past said Father Bob Flannery with St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church.

"I'd love for them, whoever did this to know that it was the wrong thing to do and seek forgiveness added Pastor Janice West with the First Presbyterian Church of Carbondale.

Last week someone threw a concrete paving stone through a stained glass window at the First Presbyterian Church in Carbondale.  When the stone crashed down, it cracked a natural gas regulator which caused a sizeable gas leak inside the church and prompted the evacuation of some 20 kids at the church daycare.

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