Lawmaker renewing effort for prescription monitoring program

Rehder proposing new PDMP program

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - A plan to bring a state wide drug monitoring program to Missouri is moving forward.

Lawmakers in the house tried adding several amendments that may have killed the proposal, but ultimately all of them were defeated.

Missouri is the only state without a database to track prescription drugs, a fact Sikeston Representative Holly Rehder wants changed.

“This is a medical tool. We have so many people that brought up privacy concerns. This is no different than electronic medical records, and no bills have been filed to stop electronic medical records. This is a tool for our medical proffesionals to know what their patients are taking,” said Rehder. Rehder says the House could go up for a vote next week but it would still need to pass the Senate.

Similar legislation in the Missouri Senate did not make it out of committee on Wednesday, February 6.

The measure is called the Narcotics Control Act.

House Bill 188 passed its first committee on Jan. 31. it would create a state-wide data base for certain prescriptions in an effort to fight opioid addiction and so-called “doctor shopping.”

“We really have to address the root of this problem, which is recognizing addiction on the front end, and allowing our medical professionals to handle it from there,” she said.

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