2 rescued after tugboat sinks in Calvert City, KY

Tug boat rescue in Calvert City, KY

CALVERT CITY, KY (KFVS) - Two men were rescued after a tugboat sank Monday, January 7, 2019 on the Tennessee River in Calvert City, Kentucky.

That's according to Marshall County Emergency Management Director Curt Curtner.

The Coast Guard received the report around 10 p.m. that the vessel capsized at the 15 mile marker.

The two men were rescued by the inspected towing vessel “George Leavell." The men were taken to a Paducah, Ky. hospital Monday evening in stable condition.

The “Tom Bussler” vessel has approximately 4,100 gallons of diesel on board, according to the Coast Guard. There were no reports of oil sheening in the water.

A Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Paducah 29-foot small response small boat crew is on scene, Tuesday, Jan. 8.

The Coast Guard said Kentucky Lock and Dam at mile marker 22 on the Tennessee River has ceased locking operations due to the sunken vessel. McGinnish Marine will develop a plan to recover the vessel.

Several fire, and EMS crews were on hand on Monday night as well as Ky. Fish and Wildlife Management.

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