Malden, MO woman hopes to inspire others after getting back on her feet

Malden, MO woman gets back on her feet

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - Sharon Kaye of Malden, Missouri, had quite the story to tell and hoped her message inspired others to not give up when things look their worst.

Years ago, Kaye moved from place to place after she had difficulties in her life.

"It was always really hard for me," Kaye explained. "I got a place to stay but by the time I actually got a job, I couldn't stay there anymore. So then I lost my job."

Kaye lived out of her car for years and couched surfed from place to place just trying to survive.

"I've been homeless for the last year and a half to two years," Kaye stated. "I've bounced around from house to house. I lived in my car and stayed in my car in Walmart parking lots from here to Kentucky to Jefferson City."

Things went downhill for Kaye in 2016 when her mother got sick. Kaye stood by her in the hospital hoping she would get better.

"I just watched her slowly die," Kaye recalled. "She was in there at the end of January, all of February, and then she passed away on March 20."

Kaye didn’t have a steady place to stay, her kids weren’t staying with her and her mom just died. Kaye said she hit rock bottom and after that, she had those troubles of finding a steady place to live.

"I was just completely lost," Kaye said. "Completely lost, completely broken and completely dead inside."

Kaye made an important decision one day. One that she said altered her life for the better because she was contemplating suicide.

“At that time I did not believe in God,” she stated. “I had walked away from God along time ago. About three or four years before that. He is not real.”

She already knew how she wanted to die, but it was at that point when she said she made the decision to seek God to see if anything could help her.

She then started going to her friend's church.

“My friend took me to the front and I got saved,” Kaye recalled. “I truly asked Jesus to come into my heart but I didn’t feel any different.”

A pastor later asked Kaye for two dollars to help a woman out. The woman was crying for help and had money around her from the people in the church to help her. Unfortunately, Kaye did not have a dime in her pocket. In fact, she was struggling to pay a water bill where she was living at that moment.

“She’s crying and she has her hands over her face and there is money laying all around her from when the church was helping her,” Kaye remembered.

Kaye then walked up to her to give her a big hug for support and tell her some helping words.

“After I told her, she leans into me and gives me the biggest hug I think I have ever had,” Kaye said. “And then she put some money in my hand. It’s a hundred dollar bill. Not only did He save me but then He paid my water bill too.”

Later, after attending churches here and there, she saw that there was a revival in Malden. That’s where she got some big help with her life status.

She went there alone with the hope that she could one day have a home she could call her own.

After she walked in the revival, things were different this time she said. She said there were people that told her she had a home and that she had the keys in her hands and to start packing her bags.

“So I am just over there thanking God. ‘Thank you!’” Kaye exclaimed. “Even though I didn’t have it, I knew it was coming.”

Kaye felt that at that moment, God had just answered her prayers.

“Two people stepped out of the crowd,” Kaye explained. “They said, ‘sister, we have a house that we have tried to sell for three months and we’ve not had one bite.’ Not one. That’s because they said this house has been waiting on you. They gave me the keys to my own home!”

Kaye said this was such a great blessing.

From there, more blessings came together for Kaye. She said the owners of the home waived payments until she could get back on her feet. After that, another gift appeared at her doorstep.

“Two weeks later, my children’s dad rented a house eight houses down from me, on the same street,” she said. “He literally brought my kids right down the street from me. That was off the chain. Now Elijah moved in with me. He is my 12 year old.”

Kaye said that’s when she started hitting the pavement and putting applications in for a job in the surrounding area.

Earlier, she said she received a message from God that she would get a home and would feed people.

She got a job offer and accepted a position at a nursing home in Bernie. The manager talked to her on her first day there to see if she was interested in another job there though.

"She said I was wondering if you would like to take the position as a dietary kitchen manager," Kaye stated. "So the second day, I was promoted. I am feeding people there and it's a career."

Kaye said she feels good now that she is doing things on her own. However, she said things got even better for her and received another blessing after she randomly ran into a couple of people one day at a church service.

“This little old lady and old man came up to me and asked me how I was doing,” she recalled. “I said, ‘Great but my car isn’t doing so good.’ She said, ‘that’s why we came to talk to you. We want to bless you with a car.’ I am like what!”

Kaye credits the help of God for the way things came together for her.

“It’s all a miracle. I’m a miracle!” Kaye exclaimed. “I am a walking testimony of how a girl can be lost and broken and He’ll just restore you and revive you and make you new.”

Kaye hopes her story would show people that there is hope and to never give up on your life.

“I want to let them know, that as long as they have hope, that’s all they need. To keep that hope and to trust in Him that He has a plan in Him,” Kaye said.

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