Scott City man wins $245K jackpot

Scott City man wins $245K jackpot
A Scott City man claimed a $245,000 jackpot after purchasing a Show Me Cash ticket at Casey's General Store in Scott City. (Source: Missouri Lottery)

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - A Scott City man claimed a huge jackpot after buying a Show Me Cash ticket.

“I purchased my ticket earlier in the day at one gas station, and I was in a different gas station later that night and saw that the Show Me Cash jackpot was back at $50,000,” Randy Holder shared and explained that if the jackpot had reset to $50,000, someone had won that night. “I thought to myself, ‘How nice would it be if I won?’”

After looking up the winning numbers for the Nov. 26 drawing, Holder realized that he was, in fact, the winner of the $245,000 jackpot.

Holder kept the ticket in a bank safe deposit box until he was ready to claim the prize on Nov. 30.

Nearly three years out from retirement, he plans to keep the prize as a nest egg for his retirement years.

“Everybody always teases me for not getting more into technology. I still have a flip phone, but all I need it to do is make calls and take photos,” joked Holder. “I think I might get an iPhone or a smartphone now.”

Holder purchased his winning Show Me Cash ticket from Casey’s General Store, 1110 Main Street in Scott City.

For selling the winning ticket, Casey’s General Store received a $500 bonus.

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