Police: Suspect in 2 MO armed robberies in jail on murder charge in AR

Police: Suspect in 2 MO armed robberies in jail on murder charge in AR
A suspect in two Missouri armed robberies is currently in jail with murder charges in Arkansas.

(KFVS) - A suspect in two Missouri armed robberies is currently in jail with murder charges in Arkansas.

According to court documents from Stoddard County, Mo, Dexter A. Artis is suspected in an armed robbery at a Break Time gas station in Dexter, Mo on Oct. 30, 2017.

Documents state at 2:39 a.m. Dexter police were called to the Break Time convenience store by the clerk who reported an armed robbery involving two males, one armed with a handgun.

Officers immediately secured the scene and canvassed the area but did not find the suspects.

Later that morning at 3:08 a.m. Detective Cory Mills DSN arrived at the scene and interviewed the clerk. The clerk told Mills he was the only person inside the business at the time of the robbery and was not injured.

Court documents said the clerk was making coffee when the suspects entered the store. He saw one suspect approach him with a silver revolver. The suspect began to search his pockets while the other male went behind the counter and used a business key already in the register to open two registers to take all the money out.

The first suspect held a gun pointed at the clerk and threatened to pull the trigger according to officials. According to the clerk the second suspect had on a pair of gloves.

Documents say the manager of Break Time arrived at the scene and allowed Mills to view surveillance footage. The video showed the suspects as they walked along the east side of the business and approached the ice box on the corner of the business. They then turned around and ran behind a privacy fence belonging to a private citizen according to official.

In the video the suspects appear at 2:37 a.m. and enter the business according to officials. The second suspect grabbed four packs of Newport cigarettes and laid them on the counter. The video continues as the clerk described.

By 2:38 the suspects left the business traveling north. According to documents the first suspect is described a black male, medium height with a slender build. He was wearing a gray and black hoodie sweatshirt, black pants, black Nike sandals and white socks. His face was masked and he was not wearing gloves.

The second suspect is described as a possible black make of medium height and build. He was wearing a navy blue hoodie sweatshirt, black pants, dark colored tennis shoes and white socks. His face was masked and was wearing gray colored gloves.

According to documents, Mills returned to the store for a search the following day and found a black glove and a black face mask on the south side of Stanley St. near Catalpa St. north of Break Time. A gray glove was found in the grass in the alleyway between Elder St. and Stanley St. near Break Time. The glove and mask were taken in as evidence and sent to the Missouri State Highway Patrol crime lab to be analyzed.

Mills said during the investigation he learned the Malden Police Department was investigating a strong-armed robbery involving two black males at a Casey’s general store on Oct. 16. Mills viewed the video from that robbery and it appeared the suspects sharing physical and clothing descriptions to the ones in Dexter, Mo.

Documents state on May 29 Mills received a copy on DNA report from the highway patrol crime lab stating the gray glove was tested and a DNA profile was developed for three individuals. Later on June 12 Mills received another DNA report that led to a National level hit to an Arkansas state offender. He was identified as Artis.

Mills said he conducted a background check on Artis and learned he is in custody at the Mississippi County Arkansas Sheriff’s Department jail for murder first degree and aggravated robbery. Artis was placed in custody on Dec. 11, 2017.

Mills also said he learned from a female acquaintance of Artis' that he was living in Malden, Mo at the time of the Break Time robber and the Casey’s General store robbery and would come to Dexter when she worked night shifts.

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