CERT training held in Perryville, MO to help in disasters

CERT training in Perryville, MO

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - A handful of people went through CERT training in Perryville, Missouri on Thursday, November 7.

It stands for Community Emergency Response Teams and the program prepares volunteers to help during natural disasters.

The classes involve search and rescue exercises, emergency medical techniques and how to respond to a terrorism threat.

Kathy Waggoner is a licensed professional counselor. She is glad the training also looks at the recovery phase and how to help someone who is hurt mentally or emotionally.

"We pull somebody out of a wreck and we think, okay they're alive, they survived, we're done,” she said. “And that is not true, because the trauma keeps replaying even if they did not have any major or significant loss. So the psychological first aid is very important immediately to help prevent the post-traumatic stress disorder."

Waggoner hopes more people in rural towns go through CERT training, so they can help their small communities if disaster strikes.

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