Ballot concerns over Jackson Co. recorder race

Jackson Co. ballots still being counted

JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Well, the 2018 midterm elections are over but ballots are still being counted. However, one candidate in Jackson County doesn’t seem to realize that, and is telling his supporters on Facebook that he plans on to investigate what’s going on.

Jay Whittenborn (R) is running for county clerk and recorder in Jackson County against Frank Byrd (D). As of right now, Byrd is ahead by just about 1,000 votes.

However, since Election Day, vote totals for the race (and others) have been fluctuating. Causing Whittenborn to post this on his campaign Facebook page.

Jay Whittenborn's post on his campaign Facebook page for the 2018 midterm race for Jackson County Clerk / Recorder
Jay Whittenborn's post on his campaign Facebook page for the 2018 midterm race for Jackson County Clerk / Recorder

Remember, Whittenborn is running to be the guy counting all the votes in the county.

So to sort out these concerns, we spoke to Larry Reinhardt, the current Jackson County recorder who is retiring from the position this year after 20 years.

He reminds that there are more ballots filled out than just the ones from Election Day polling places.

“I don’t know what to say other than we follow the normal process,” he said. "All the precincts come in first. Once the precincts come in, all the early and absentee ballots are in, and that’s on election day. Every ballot we have on hand is usually counted on election day and then those that arrive later are added later. The election is never over until every vote is counted.”

This midterm election year in Jackson county, there was record numbers of early mail in ballots and absentee ballots cast. According to Reinhardt, over 5,300. Of those, he said there are still about 375 they still need to wait on.

Reinhardt said there were also between 600 and 700 grace period voters this year. Those are people who registered to vote the day of the election. He said some of those still need to be counted.

He also said around 15,000 people came to the polls on Election Day.

The cutoff or “canvas date” as Reinhardt referred to it is on November 20th when all results are final. Until then, he said many totals can and will fluctuate.

This is the way it works in most states, according to Reinhardt.

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