President Trump rally protest held in front of Carbondale City Hall

Demonstration in Carbondale, People upset over City Council actions

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A lot of people met outside of Carbondale City Hall on Tuesday, October 23 to protest President Donald Trump and celebrate his rally not being held in the city.

The event was advertised on Facebook as ‘City Assembly to Shut Down Trump,’ although multiple parties involved with the gathering told Heartland News that it was not a protest. However, there were anti-Trump signs being held and several speakers talking about their distaste for the president.

Speakers at the protest also took note that the scheduled city council meeting for the same night was cancelled in part due to concerns that residents would take up too much time voicing opinions of President Trump.

Carbondale City Council Member, Adam Loos, was among the first to speak at the event, reading a four page resolution he wrote against President Trump holding his rally in Carbondale.

In the resolution, he spelled out why the President shouldn’t be welcome in the city based on his policies and comments toward racial minorities, the LGBT community, his attacks on the media, and many others.

After he finished reading, the crowd took an impromptu vote which passed unanimously. Loos commented that he was overwhelmed with the praise he was receiving compared to the usual criticism he gets as a city council member.

As the protest went on, more speakers spoke against President Trump on a number of issues on behalf of different groups throughout the community.

There were no violent outbursts and the protest remained peaceful through it’s duration.

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