County clerk: Political climate partly reason for increase in early voter turnout

County clerk: Political climate partly reason for increase in early voter turnout

JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - With just two weeks left until Election Day, there’s a spike in early voting, according to the Jackson County Clerk Larry Reinhardt.

“We are processing anywhere from one to two hundred a day and next week it will like grow even more," he said.

Early voting is up 10 percent from 2014 midterm election. Reinhardt, after serving for 20 years in his position, said, “Just the political climate right now I would say as much as anything.. and like I said, in our area we do have quite a few heavily contested races that will come down to turnout.”

Like the congressional race or even the governors race. Reinhardt even said the turnout is heavy across the state of Illinois.

That’s why Ruth and Richard Layne say they exercised their right on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

“I’m a little agey, you know...and I just like to get it over with," Richard Layne said.

In a quick agreement, his wife Ruth said “That’s the same reason for me... I wanted to get the show on the road.. I wanted to get it over with.”

The married couple said they had their mind made up.

“You’re not going to change my mind, ma’am," Richard said. "You’re not going to change mine either,” she said.

However, for people like Debbie Tindall, going to the polls on election has its perks.

“I don’t do early voting......Polls are in neighborhoods. I get to see people that live in my community on polling day,” Tindall said.

While most people vote early for the convenience and to avoid the long election day lines, Tindall said she will stick to her usual.

“Beyond that...i just like to say this is voting day and that’s when i’m going to vote...I’m a traditionalist," she said.

Meanwhile, Richard and Ruth Layne say, “Now we can relax and watch everyone else race to the polls.”

Whether you’re an early voter or not, Reinhardt said you can still register and vote through Election Day.

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