Local students participated in International Shakeout Day

Local students participate in shakeout day

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - More than a million school children across our Heartland states learned the same life-saving lesson this morning.

They took part in International Shakeout Day, designed to stress the important of earthquake safety to students.

“Learning and safety, I think those go hand in hand, and we always have to be teaching those lessons. And I relay to the kids that just like reading and math and our other subjects how we practice and practice, we do that with our safety and our drills as well.”

One kindergartner said she was nervous but understands why it was good practice.

“So we could learn how to do it if there was a real one,” said Chloe Keys, Alma Schrader Kindergartner. "Disasters begin and end at the local level," said Mark Winkler, Cape Girardeau County Emergency Management Director.

"We as emergency management professionals say we take it even further. That local is you and me. Every individual," said Winkler. He also told me parents should teach their children how to duck, cover, and hold onto something sturdy. If you’re outside, stay away from power lines. "If an individual is prepared themselves and their family is prepared, then that leaves the responders with the opportunity to go to the areas that are most devastated," said Winkler.

Back at school, Principal Julia Unnerstall called today’s shakeout drill a success. “Our students really buy into it because we are all a school family. We do look out for each other, and we do take care of each other. From the youngest students in kindergarten to the teachers. So, I think that’s what helps us be so strong in these drills and in our every day school life,” said Unnerstall.

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