What you need to know Sept. 14

What you need to know Sept. 14
It will be a partly-cloudy afternoon in the Heartland but rain is not likely. This photo of puffy white clouds in the sky was taken near Olive Branch, IL. (Source: William Foeste)

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Good Friday morning, it is Sept. 14

First Alert Forecast

It’s humid this morning. There is a little fog, but it’s light. Today will be hot and humid. Highs will be just below 90 degrees.

Lisa Michaels says there is a remote chance we could see a stray rain shower in our western counties.

More of the same for the weekend. We’ll have lots of sun and humidity, this weekend. There is a small chance of rain from Florence, but it’s very unlikely and won’t impact plans even if we do see some rain this weekend. The fells-like temps will be in the lower 90s.

Next week the weather will stay warm. At some point, clouds will move in and drive temps down, but the humidity will linger.

We stand a better chance to see rain from the remnants of Florence, next week.

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