Local emergency management services keeping an eye on Florence

Franklin Co. EMA learning from Florence

FRANKLIN COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - With Hurricane Florence making landfall this morning, a number of Southern Illinois first responders have already set out to provide assistance.

Meanwhile, here in the Heartland, Emergency Management agencies are keeping an eye on the storm and learning from it.

Ryan Buckingham is the Director of Emergency Management services in Franklin County who said members of his fire department are on standby waiting to get sent to the east coast.

Buckingham says when a disaster of this magnitude strikes, it's on the shoulders of more than just first responders to make everyone safe. Rather, the entire area affected needs to work together.

“One thing to realize is that every disaster is a process. It’s a whole community process. It takes the entire community to respond. It takes mutual aid and non governmental organizations and private sector partners. So one of the things we do after a disaster is take a look at how that system functions to ensure that we have an effective response the next time out”

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