Dunklin County Marine stationed in NC returns back to the Heartland

Dunklin County Marine stationed in NC returns back to the Heartland

DUNKLIN COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - As the threat of hurricane Florence grows more people are leaving the east coast, one of them, a Dunklin County Marine stationed in North Carolina brought his family back to the Heartland safely out of the reach of Florence.

"We left everything behind besides the one suitcase we have and what little we could pack of our documents," said Mehgan Young She and her husband Corporal Jeremy Young live in Jacksonville, North Carolina with their 9-month-old daughter Sophia.

The family was taking steps to settle into their home, when Florence forced them out. "On Monday we had just had new furniture delivered and we waited for that and as soon as that got delivered we had bags packed and ready to go. we just threw what we could in our little car," said Jeremy Young.

Jeremy was already on leave after a deployment. That’s why he and his wife decided the best option was to get out of harm’s way. So they drove to Missouri to ride out the storm with Jeremy’s parents.

He said not only is he worried about Florence flooding their home he’s also concerned about the potential for looters taking all the have left. “You leave your house and people tend to prey on that if it wasn’t for these two I’d be riding it out right now just with my house, I left my truck there we had to leave what we could.”

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