Carbondale teacher raises money to buy students books

Carbondale teacher raises money to buy students books

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - At Thomas School in Carbondale, Mrs. Brooke Crombar teaches third grade.

She’s an educator that takes reading seriously, and when she noticed that some of her students couldn’t afford to buy books to take home when they made orders, she decided to do something about it. So she took to Facebook and asked friends and family for help.

"It was a copy paste kind of thing and that's exactly what I did," she said, "I reached out to my family and friends for $9 to sponsor 1 child for a $1 book per month for the school year."

After she made the post, she said she had enough money to accomplish her goal in about 2 hours.

Crombar orders the books through Scholastic, who send $1 book flyers in their order lists. She says when she asked for help, she was planning to get enough for a 20 student class.

After her colleagues saw how well her post worked, she says they took notes.

"They did the same thing after they saw mine and they got theirs funded as well," she said, "It's spreading like wildfire throughout the districts."

Now with a few extra bucks for her class, she says some of the students are more than grateful for the opportunity to have their own brand new books.

"When the book order came in a few days ago," she said, "one of the first comments from the students was, 'can I keep this forever?'"

Crombar says she will most likely do this again for next year’s class.

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