Discussion held in Carbondale, IL on Dyslexia

Discussion held in Carbondale, IL on Dyslexia

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The Dayemi Family Center in Carbondale, Illinois presented a discussion on Dyslexia August 28 called “Could It Be Dyslexia? Ask the Expert.”

It was forum for parents, teachers, and students to explore the warning signs of Dyslexia, find resources for evaluation and testing, and to find local professionals who can help with learning struggles.

Conservatively, 10 percent of the population struggles with some form of Dyslexia.

The Dayemi Family Center says that Illinois schools are considerably underfunded and unable to provide the focused, one on one attention required for kids with Dyslexia.

In the southern Illinois region, it can be a struggle just to find reliable information about learning differences and where to go for help. Damaris Miltenberger, a retired Speech Language Pathologist and owner of The Language and Learning Center in Carbondale spoke about how identifying dyslexia as a problem can be an issue.

“A lot of children are diagnosed with a learning disability, who actually have Dyslexia, and then none of their instruction is really changed,” said Miltenberger. “The teacher will just help them do their class work and that kind of thing and instead of using a proven reasearch based program, instead of actually teaching them to read.”

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